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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cedar Key Florida’s First Pirate’s Fest (2013)

Cedar Key Florida has always been the place to visit and enjoy all the natural wonders. When our families visited Cedar Key my cousins and I thought we were in “Sunshine Heaven.” 

There was swimming, picnicking, boating, searching for shells, (I had a sand dollar from there for 25 years and many shells) eating seafood, Island hopping (with beautiful sand and salty water all around). We found driftwood on an Island many years ago and gave it to a local man who made things from wood. At twelve (12) years old we felt special about giving the wood to the artist so he could make something beautiful.

I remember the waves to the Island that day were choppy, but that did not bother us, as we held tight until we made to our dream destination. My cousins and I went there without our parents’ permission. They thought we were at the park swimming, but there we were flying across the waves in a boat that we knew nothing about. And, we made it back to shore without getting into trouble.

First Pirates's Fest September 2013

Those were wonderful days, and when I feel the need to spoil myself---I go back there to visit even for one day. I loved the boardwalk and visiting the stores and especially eating seafood. I’ve attended many parties in Cedar Key of my friends who always chose my favorite place to visit.

In September last year Cedar Key had their first Pirate’s Fest, and I am so sorry I missed it. However, a very nice person filmed it so I can share with you.

A short tour of Cedar Key Florida.

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Key West Florida Seafood Festival

The Seafood Festival will be on Saturday January 19th 2013. With all the seafood one can think of is there to purchase with drinks and desserts. There will be musical entertainment and raffles. If you need more information contact the Florida Keys Seafood Festival.

Plan a vacation to the Keys to include the festival and have the time of your life.

Florida Keys Highway to the Sea. Take a beautiful drive to the Keys and enjoy all the sites. Breath in the sea air and enjoy all the seafood to your heart's content.
Visit the home of Ernest Hemingway and walk from interesting site to site---the view never gets old or outdated.

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