Saturday, May 17, 2014

Seafood Festivals Around Florida

The Florida Keyes Commercial Fisherman Association 9th Annual---January 18th and 19th is an event you will not want to miss next year in 2015. The ambiance of Florida will take you to another place in time---when this enjoyable life was the norm of our ancestors who first lived here. When the beauty of the salty waters beaconed to the inhabitants to take a dip in the cool morning liquid paradise, then lie in the sun to warm body and soul before a day of working by or in the sea began. What a life---I am happy I live in Florida.

Another one is Marathon Seafood Festival March 8th & 9th in Florida. People come from all corners of our nation to enjoy the seafood provided by Commercial Fisherman. This group works hard with their families to have a great event to be enjoyed all everyone.

Marathon Florida Seafood Festival

Now we will visit the Seafood Festival in Everglades, Florida with Bobby Brown in February 7, 8, and 9th. Look at all the delicious seafood and fun activities with the music to sooth any wild beast---that may be lurking around in the woods or waters of the glades.

Everglade City

                                                                      Everglade City
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