Monday, January 20, 2014

Tropical Storm Andrea in Cedar Key Florida June 13th 2013

The streets of the Cedar Key Island is inundated with fast running water as the storm surges pushes the salty sea of the Gulf of Mexico into the street. Salty water ran through the streets like a liquid snake being guided by the strong winds of the storm as it continues along it path to cover the dry streets.
On the dock a Pelican is holding on to the railing for dear life as overhead the dark sky seems to watch as the water below flings sea grass on the dock; from the bottom of the Gulf.

All the businesses along the dockside are being pounding underneath the wooden structures that hold them up. It is a scary place as no one knows what will or can happen next.

Strong waves splashed over the paved roads flooding homes on the opposite side of the street. These residents were evacuated long before the storm hit land.

Tropical Storm Andrea proved damaging to Cedar Key; however, when a hurricane hits then it is really destructive---and sometimes stops residents from returning to their homes---for days after the hurricane is over.

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