Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bahamas---A Wonderful Trip

Nassau Bahamas

Years ago when I visited the Bahamas I was very young, but I remembered a lot about the beauty of it and recorded my favorites, as I always carried my little journal with me. I remember the Playboy Club and all the Bunnies in their tiny outfits with bunny tails on back.

I remember one man asked me if I lived in the Bahamas and if I wanted to be a Bunny. Well, that was so laughable---My Mother and Father would drum me out of the family if I did. And I remembered a can coke-a-cola cost $5.00 which I shared with a friend, because being a fugal person I could not get over the cost. I suppose anyone entering the Playboy Club had a lot of money, but not us six girls from the states.

When we landed at Freeport our baggage was checked by a dog that sniffed our luggage. This was very strange to me, but one of my friends said they were sniffing for drugs and I thought of my Dramamine in my luggage and expressed my concerns. However, it was illegal drugs they were searching everyone’s luggage. It was scary but exciting.

That night we went to a Casino that was so large with people gambling at roped off tables and a Bahamian employee showed us where we could gamble with our cup of quarters. All the girls delighted in spending their quarters, but being the fugal me; it pained me to lose even one-quarter. One of the girls ordered drinks for us and the girls told me to loosen up and spend my cup of quarters and then we would to eat some Seafood.

The next day we visited the ‘Straw Market’ where the women sold such beautiful things made from straw. I got my mother a straw basket which she loved. It was so unusual with tiny shells interwoven in the straw. I have never seen another one like it.

I do not remember eating anything but seafood and I just wanted to stay in the Bahamas it was so beautiful, but as working girls during the summer; we had to return home to our families. It was such a wonderful trip for a short weekend. We planned to return for a week, but it never happened.

I had to declare my straw basket, a small seashell, and a wooden hand-drum ( I don’t know what you would call it) for my Daddy and Salt-Water Taffy for Mama.

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