Friday, May 17, 2013

Monterey Bay Aquarium



The Monterey Bay Aquarium is 29 years old and is located on Cannery Row of the Pacific Ocean Coastline in Monterey Bay, California. It was built in 1984 on the location of an old cannery business. It welcomes over 1.8 million visitors annually. It is a popular aquarium known all over the world. It is unique because of it location, plants and animals.

It has 623 species and benefits from an extreme flow of fresh sea water pumped in nonstop from Monterey Bay. And it displays a huge tank as the showpiece of the Ocean’s Edge Wing---it is 33 feet high and holds 333,000 US gallon of sea water. This is for viewing California coastal marine life which keeps one captivated for a long time.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium was the primary aquarium to grow live California Giant Kelp. All visitors can view the inhabitants of the kelp forest on different levels of the aquarium as they tour the amazing sights.

The Open Sea galleries features world renowned largest single-paned windows---and is one of few aquariums that is home to Ocean Sunfish in captivity.Exhibits of sea life include Jellyfish, stingrays, sea otters and other natural marine species which are above and below the waterline.
Its uniqueness never seems to stop---as it exhibits both Bluefin and yellow fin tuna. A Kreisel tank is used to display the jellyfish—I love to watch these---they are so beautiful and graceful.
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