Thursday, April 18, 2013

St. Augustine Seafood Festival and Tour


This is the fun place to be in my favorite place to visit---I love St. Augustine. My sister and I went for a long weekend to see the sites and rode a trolley through town to just all the sites. It was in November so we missed the Seafood Festival which was on March 1, 2013---no video available at this time---but I will keep checking and update. Until then enjoy of of St. Augustine I love.

The lucky ones who were there had a great time of fun in the sun, seafood for any appetite, arts and crafts galore, music to enjoy, booths of food, artist booths, vendors booths---it is endless.

St. Augustine is a family trip for sure---whatever your heart desires---you will find it there. The ambiance calls me back for a visit often---I try to answer the call when I can. I enjoyed the history of the old buildings, the fort, the bridges over the water, the many restaurants, beautiful beaches and the nice people ones meets in these places. My list is never ending for all the fun events to visit and I bought the most beautiful pair of earrings. They also had a large Flea market in St. Augustine and if we had stayed another day---we were planning to attend it.

I think of St. Augustine every time I wear my earring--- and the next time I go I will get a conch shell---they are so beautiful.

So mark your calendars for the next time you feel a “Family Trip” is need to relax and enjoy a bit of life that we all work so hard to have and never get to enjoy. You will be glad you did. I am calling my sister now to see when we can go again.

May you always walk in Florida Sunshine and get beach sand between your toes.

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