Friday, April 26, 2013

East Coast Seafood Festivals

Seattle Washington’s Seafood Festivals in 2013

You have time to get your family together for a vacation to Seattle for one of these great festivals.

The choice is yours as you view this video and write down the dates so you will not miss one of the best places to be this summer.

                                                         Hawaii Fishing and Seafood Festivals

What a tropical paradise Heaven to be there in Hawaii and experience the taste of seafood prepared their way and to meet such beautiful people. I love the Hawaiian people and their culture.
Their music will charm the wild beast in anyone and will help one to a wonderful night's sleep as the waves kiss the pearly shores.



                                                           Lobster Fest in California
With some of the finest prepared and tastiest Lobster in the world by the experts who know what they are doing. Anyone who is going to visit California in September call ahead for the exact date of the fest.

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