Monday, December 31, 2012

Port Salerno Seafood Festival is an annual event on January 29th in Martin County Florida.  Where it boasts about the 82 degrees this time of year in the beautiful Florida Sunshine. They expect 40,000 + people to attend the Seafood Festival.

This town was created in 1920 it was a small village in the southern part of St. Lucie River Inland, and was named Salerno which has been renamed Port Salerno. This is known for the Worlds Fishing Tournaments.

It is where people come to enjoy the beauty of the water and eat all the seafood they desire at the different restaurants on the waterfronts.

As you walk through the many booths of the festivals you will also find many booths that are concerned with maintaining their beauty of the land and water. Not only can one enjoy all the events but one can contribute to the community to keep the area in the best shape possible.

When we enjoy something it is our personal concern to keep it for the generations to come so they may enjoy it also.

However, please enjoy this video of the Port Salerno Seafood Festival last year and consider attending this year.

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