Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cedar Key Seafood Festivals

Everyone has a great time at the Cedar Key Florida Seafood Festival. Bring your lawn chair and sit a spell to listen to the banjo music.

Just being in Cedar Key is a great treat---my family and I visit when we can. I love the smell of the fresh air and walking around the little shops and on the pier.

I like to visit the Pelicans and take pictures of them as they rest on the pier hoping for a free fish.

See the people enjoying the seafood, watching and listening to the entertainment, being outside in the warm sunshine, it does not get any better than this folks.

It is so much fun walking around and looking at all the painting from local artist and ones from around the world. Artists' works are on display, arts and crafts, woodwork, handmade jewelry, they have booths for everything.

Food Booths are so amazing delicious and eating outside in the Gulf air makes it taste better.

And one can sit and listen to the singing until the sun goes down. The festivals are always for two days and so many comes from near and far to have the time of their life.

But if you want to stay the weekend---make your reservation early and confirm it before you go.

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