Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cedar Key Florida Trip

This is a Yellow Head Pelican posing for me, and I am thrilled to get this close. Most of them will fly away if you do not have a fish in your hand to give them.
To the right of his head is where my cousin parked his truck on a bridge. The bridge where the boats pass under to go into the open bay into the Gulf.
On the left of the Yellow Head Pelican is where we ate upstairs, at the restaurant. At one time it was called the Captain's Table, and I do not know what it is called now. I was so interested in food until I forgot to ask. Anyway, the food was delicious, and the salad was so fresh with the Blue Cheese Dressing. My cousin Jim and his lovely wife took me out for my "Birthday" and it was so nice.

When we arrived it was still misty with fog, and this is probably the first time I've visited that the sun was not shining.

Some people were enjoying fishing off the new pier, which was made out of wood the last time I was in Cedar Key, many years ago. I have visited Cedar Key all my life, and I always enjoy every second. And now the pier has a new bathroom facility, and it is very nice.

Here is a community of Pelicans---everyone fishing for themselves.
They seem so relaxed just waiting until the spirit moves them to dive for another fish.
They fish without a hook, pole or license for fishing---they survive on their instinct.
 However, I thank God everyday, that we human do not have to survive on ours.Another beautiful Pelican, and I was lucky to snap him before he flew away. He did not bond with me like the first one did.
This is the Dock Walk Way to other restuarants and stores.
This is a lovely place to visit and also, to shop.

   Another place to eat on the Dock Walk Way.
    Upstairs in front of shops.
On the left side of the Dock are more shops and restaurants.

A lonely chair waiting for someone to return, probably when the sun is shining.
And, it was such a lovely day, for us to be together, misty or not, we were blessed.

Updated 02/29/2012

My cousin and his wife took visiting friends from Germany to Cedar Key in November of 2011, and they enjoyed it so much.

This Gulf Coast community is a wonderful place to visit--it is beautiful, and especially when the sun is shining. My cousins and I grew up going to the park and swimming at the beach. They once had a diving board off the deck close to the park---but that is gone now, so sad.

I hope people will rediscover this lovely romantic place to spend a week or two, a place where you can walk where you want to visit in the town of Cedar key, the local people are friendly and willing to help give directions if needed.

This is where you will find great seafood, and there are social bars one can visit, churches, condos on the water front, enticing little shops that no one can pass by---without going in. The boardwalk is always busy with people walking; talking pictures of all the seabirds, fish in the water, and the smell of the salty air will make you want to stay forever.

Do yourself a favor and visit Cedar Key Florida---a treat not to miss--and you will thank yourself for being so adventurous.

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