Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cedar Key Florida~ Seafood Festival October 2014

Cedar Key has always been one of my favorite places to visit. I can remember going with my Grandmother and Grandfather Knight when I was three years old; and the feeling of jubilation as I held her hand and jumped over the boards of the old dock. I loved looking through the cracks at the water below---hoping to get my feet wet just one time on a visit.

The old dock was really something and I am sorry a hurricane forced it demise too early eliminating more young children from meeting the fishermen and their boats; off the big round dock that seemed to reach to Cuba. I remember seeing a crab almost as big as I was---and I just wanted to touch it, but that did not happen as my Grandmother scooped me away in her arms.

The ambiance then and now when I visit are still great, but totally difference from years ago. The salt sticks to my hair and skin just walking on the beach, but I loved every second. I remember a fish market where we bought fish, but I do not remember at that young age of seeing a restaurant.

Surprisingly the years passed quickly and now we were twelve; all grown up and knew it all. My cousin Marti and I would visit when my Aunt Dora and Uncle Curlie took us for a day of fun in the sun. We loved Mullet, Shrimp, Scallops and Crabs. My aunt could cook anything and it would melt in your mouth. As I write this, I want to visit again soon.

Our family always went to the park and cooked on a little Coleman stove the best fish. I felt such a kindred spirit with the people who live in Cedar Key. I remember finding my first Sand Dollar at the end of the park road which was not much of a road then.

I found my treasured Sand Dollar on the other side of a tin building and I cannot recall what it was used for, but no one was there. This was before any commercial buildings were built. The only houses were homes that belonged to the people of Cedar Key. This was when the park had a diving board which I loved. My cousin and I would pretend to jump together off the board, but I knew she would not do it. I was the only one crazy enough to dive into the salty waters.

My cousin Marti and I walked in the cool salty water on the side of the tin building---we were about 12 then, and I screamed when I saw my beautiful Sand Dollar. I had it for many years and it was lost during moving---it took a piece of my heart with it.

And, I recall an elderly woman gave my cousin and me a cutting of one of her plants we were admiring on her little porch. Her home was half on the ground and half was sticking out in the water---it fascinated us. We looked for her home after a hurricane when we were teenagers and it was gone. That was sad because it was gone and we did not know her name.

We did visit the cemetery which had shells over every grave and left some wildflowers on graves with female names, hoping if she was there she would know we cared. This might sound silly to some, but we were savvy teenagers; therefore we thought we knew all the answers of life.

This was about the same time we wonder how we were born into families with parents who were not cool with us going out into a little boat with a girl who lived in Cedar Key and told us stories about what happened to people after dark who did not live there---she really scared the daylights out of us. 

We realized our parents were smarter that their children and was happy to leave before dark.
It has been years since I visited a Seafood Festival in Cedar Key because I am always it seems busy with life. And, my best advice to anyone is live while you are young because being an adult sometimes put a damper on fun.

Marti and I had more adventures with this Cedar Key girl named Rosa Lee. I can still see her rowing the boat as she spit her chewing tobacco. Our eyes never left her face---we were hooked with an unbelievable character. We felt like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, on an adventure of a lifetime.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cedar Key Florida’s First Pirate’s Fest (2013)

Cedar Key Florida has always been the place to visit and enjoy all the natural wonders. When our families visited Cedar Key my cousins and I thought we were in “Sunshine Heaven.” 

There was swimming, picnicking, boating, searching for shells, (I had a sand dollar from there for 25 years and many shells) eating seafood, Island hopping (with beautiful sand and salty water all around). We found driftwood on an Island many years ago and gave it to a local man who made things from wood. At twelve (12) years old we felt special about giving the wood to the artist so he could make something beautiful.

I remember the waves to the Island that day were choppy, but that did not bother us, as we held tight until we made to our dream destination. My cousins and I went there without our parents’ permission. They thought we were at the park swimming, but there we were flying across the waves in a boat that we knew nothing about. And, we made it back to shore without getting into trouble.

First Pirates's Fest September 2013

Those were wonderful days, and when I feel the need to spoil myself---I go back there to visit even for one day. I loved the boardwalk and visiting the stores and especially eating seafood. I’ve attended many parties in Cedar Key of my friends who always chose my favorite place to visit.

In September last year Cedar Key had their first Pirate’s Fest, and I am so sorry I missed it. However, a very nice person filmed it so I can share with you.

A short tour of Cedar Key Florida.

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Seafood Festivals Around Florida

The Florida Keyes Commercial Fisherman Association 9th Annual---January 18th and 19th is an event you will not want to miss next year in 2015. The ambiance of Florida will take you to another place in time---when this enjoyable life was the norm of our ancestors who first lived here. When the beauty of the salty waters beaconed to the inhabitants to take a dip in the cool morning liquid paradise, then lie in the sun to warm body and soul before a day of working by or in the sea began. What a life---I am happy I live in Florida.

Another one is Marathon Seafood Festival March 8th & 9th in Florida. People come from all corners of our nation to enjoy the seafood provided by Commercial Fisherman. This group works hard with their families to have a great event to be enjoyed all everyone.

Marathon Florida Seafood Festival

Now we will visit the Seafood Festival in Everglades, Florida with Bobby Brown in February 7, 8, and 9th. Look at all the delicious seafood and fun activities with the music to sooth any wild beast---that may be lurking around in the woods or waters of the glades.

Everglade City

                                                                      Everglade City
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Monday, January 20, 2014

Tropical Storm Andrea in Cedar Key Florida June 13th 2013

The streets of the Cedar Key Island is inundated with fast running water as the storm surges pushes the salty sea of the Gulf of Mexico into the street. Salty water ran through the streets like a liquid snake being guided by the strong winds of the storm as it continues along it path to cover the dry streets.
On the dock a Pelican is holding on to the railing for dear life as overhead the dark sky seems to watch as the water below flings sea grass on the dock; from the bottom of the Gulf.

All the businesses along the dockside are being pounding underneath the wooden structures that hold them up. It is a scary place as no one knows what will or can happen next.

Strong waves splashed over the paved roads flooding homes on the opposite side of the street. These residents were evacuated long before the storm hit land.

Tropical Storm Andrea proved damaging to Cedar Key; however, when a hurricane hits then it is really destructive---and sometimes stops residents from returning to their homes---for days after the hurricane is over.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bahamas---A Wonderful Trip

Nassau Bahamas

Years ago when I visited the Bahamas I was very young, but I remembered a lot about the beauty of it and recorded my favorites, as I always carried my little journal with me. I remember the Playboy Club and all the Bunnies in their tiny outfits with bunny tails on back.

I remember one man asked me if I lived in the Bahamas and if I wanted to be a Bunny. Well, that was so laughable---My Mother and Father would drum me out of the family if I did. And I remembered a can coke-a-cola cost $5.00 which I shared with a friend, because being a fugal person I could not get over the cost. I suppose anyone entering the Playboy Club had a lot of money, but not us six girls from the states.

When we landed at Freeport our baggage was checked by a dog that sniffed our luggage. This was very strange to me, but one of my friends said they were sniffing for drugs and I thought of my Dramamine in my luggage and expressed my concerns. However, it was illegal drugs they were searching everyone’s luggage. It was scary but exciting.

That night we went to a Casino that was so large with people gambling at roped off tables and a Bahamian employee showed us where we could gamble with our cup of quarters. All the girls delighted in spending their quarters, but being the fugal me; it pained me to lose even one-quarter. One of the girls ordered drinks for us and the girls told me to loosen up and spend my cup of quarters and then we would to eat some Seafood.

The next day we visited the ‘Straw Market’ where the women sold such beautiful things made from straw. I got my mother a straw basket which she loved. It was so unusual with tiny shells interwoven in the straw. I have never seen another one like it.

I do not remember eating anything but seafood and I just wanted to stay in the Bahamas it was so beautiful, but as working girls during the summer; we had to return home to our families. It was such a wonderful trip for a short weekend. We planned to return for a week, but it never happened.

I had to declare my straw basket, a small seashell, and a wooden hand-drum ( I don’t know what you would call it) for my Daddy and Salt-Water Taffy for Mama.

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies

This beautiful aquarium is located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and is hundreds of miles from the ocean---but still has the ambiance of the deep blue sea with the added beauty of mountains all around. A lovely vacation paradise to visit with one’s family and so much to do here this vacation will be long remembered.

They offer tours of the Tropical Rain Forest; they have the Shark Lagoon, Gallery of the Seas, Penguin Playhouse, Coral Reef, and Touch a Ray Bay (children love this one),Ocean Realm, Stingray Bay, Discovery Center---where one can hold a horseshoe crab.And you can even take a look at the Control Center that operates the aquarium.

What a great vacation this would be to visit for a week at least. They are open 365 days a years---the hours vary for certain months and holidays---this is their website:www.ripleyaquarium.com/gatlinburg

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Monterey Bay Aquarium



The Monterey Bay Aquarium is 29 years old and is located on Cannery Row of the Pacific Ocean Coastline in Monterey Bay, California. It was built in 1984 on the location of an old cannery business. It welcomes over 1.8 million visitors annually. It is a popular aquarium known all over the world. It is unique because of it location, plants and animals.

It has 623 species and benefits from an extreme flow of fresh sea water pumped in nonstop from Monterey Bay. And it displays a huge tank as the showpiece of the Ocean’s Edge Wing---it is 33 feet high and holds 333,000 US gallon of sea water. This is for viewing California coastal marine life which keeps one captivated for a long time.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium was the primary aquarium to grow live California Giant Kelp. All visitors can view the inhabitants of the kelp forest on different levels of the aquarium as they tour the amazing sights.

The Open Sea galleries features world renowned largest single-paned windows---and is one of few aquariums that is home to Ocean Sunfish in captivity.Exhibits of sea life include Jellyfish, stingrays, sea otters and other natural marine species which are above and below the waterline.
Its uniqueness never seems to stop---as it exhibits both Bluefin and yellow fin tuna. A Kreisel tank is used to display the jellyfish—I love to watch these---they are so beautiful and graceful.
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